Travel with new eyes

Leave your tourist garb and put on that of the inquisitive traveller: choose to explore Venice and the lagoon islands as a true Venetian.
We propose taking you inside the history, the vistas and shops of this unique city, a work of art on water that never ceases to amaze: going and coming back will always be a richly evocative experience.

Grand Canal Tour

Travel the waters of the Grand Canal in Venice by private water taxi and get a privileged vantage point for admiring Venice’s sumptuous period palaces. This busy street with its gondolas, water taxis and water buses is a joy to behold.

We will take you along about four kilometres of history, tradition and life: from the Santa Lucia train station to St Mark’s Square, passing under the iconic Rialto Bridge, while an expert guide will lead you down the centuries with her explanations.

Tour length: 1 hour
Tour includes: water taxi and local guide
Extra: enrich the tour with a glass of Prosecco or other wine on request

Grand canal and murano tour

Spend magical moments in a luxury water taxi that will take you along the Grand Canal, Venice’s main street, discovering its magnificent palaces. A local guide will tell you about the city’s history and how Venetian life has changed over the centuries.

The tour continues to the island of Murano, known as “little Venice”, and includes a visit to a historic workshop of artistic glassmaking. We will introduce you to the island’s master glassmakers, who will reveal the secrets of a craft practised since the eighth century. The tour ends in St Mark’s Square, the finest living room in the world.

Tour length: 2 hours
Tour includes: water taxi and local guide

Murano and Burano Islands

Private water taxi to the most famous islands in the Venetian Lagoon. First stop: Murano, known as “little Venice”, centre of glass art since 1291. You will be fascinated by the artistic workmanship of the Master Glassmakers and learn the secrets of their art, handed down over the centuries.
Second stop: Burano, famous for its coloured houses, leaning tower, lace-making and “Buranelli” biscuits.
An expert guide will accompany you with her explanations among the beauty of the islands.

You can personalise the tour with an extra visit to the island of Torcello, which was the cradle of the entire Venetian civilisation 1500 years ago. 

Tour length: 4 hours minimum
Tour includes: water taxi and local guide
Extra: Enrich the tour with lunch or visits to other islands

Venetian Aperitif

Let yourself be lulled by the gentle waves of the Venetian Lagoon, discovering sumptuous palaces along the canals, the historic Casa dei Mercanti and the enchanting Giardini, while sipping a glass of Prosecco at sunset… in this magical atmosphere you will have nothing more to wish for…

Tour length: 1 hour
Tour includes: water taxi and Prosecco wine (one bottle)
Extra: enrich the tour with other types of wine on request

Bacaro Tour

Let us take you on a typical Venetian stroll enriched by tasty “cicchetti” (finger food) with “un’ombra de vin” (a glass of wine). A local guide will accompany you through narrow alleys and hidden places… Getting lost among the calli can become an adventure for exploring the city. Stopping and taking a break in a “bacari”, the typical bars where Venetians meet at the end of the day, is an original way to discover the different facets of Venice, also its food and wine, and feel like one of the few Venetians that still live here!

Tour length: 2 hours
Tour includes: water taxi, local finger food (cicchetti) and regional wine tasting or spritz (2 stops)
Extra: extend the tour with more stops in bars on request